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Kevin Denlay
West Nepal
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I am a photographer - both above and below water - and researcher who since 2010 has been involved in a project, in conjunction with the National Trust for Nature Conservation in Nepal, to survey the habitat of the remaining Ganges River Dolphins in the Bardia and Kailali Districts of West Nepal. In March 2011, when I conducted my first actual survey expedition to the western Terai region, I also became involved with the Dolphin Conservation Centre in the Kailali District, and am now assisting to promote their mission and disseminate information towards helping both conserve the remaining dolphins in their region and to raise the awareness of the dolphins very existence (in that region) to a wider ‘audience’. Prior to becoming involved with the dolphin project in Nepal, for almost 20 years I was engaged in the discovery, exploration and survey documentation of numerous shipwrecks - primarily naval vessels from WWII - around the world, and during that time I had many many wonderful encounters with the river dolphins ocean ‘cousins’. I had lived in Nepal several decades ago so when the opportunity arose I thought I would put my ‘talents’ towards a worthwhile cause in a country that I love so much.

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The Dolphin Conservation Centre

Kailali District

West Nepal

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This river dolphin can detect light, but its eyes lack lenses, leaving it unable to resolve images.

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Gangetic River Dolphins remaining in West Nepal


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4th Nov 11
Earlier this week Bangladesh announced that three areas in the southern Sundarbans mangrove forest will be declared sanctuaries to protect Ganges river dolph...  Read

[Title:] Dolphin Conservation Centre - Kailali District - West Nepal
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[Title:] NTNC field office - Bardia District - West Nepal
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