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Mr. Gopal Khanal
Kailali, Nepal
  • Researcher
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I am a student of Wildlife Ecology in Tribhuwan University (TU) Nepal. Currently, I am working as a research assistant on "Ecology and Status of Ganges River Dolphin in the Karnali River System of western Nepal" carried out by my senior colleague.  The primary findings of this research were published in The Kathmandu Post, National Daily on 14th April 2012. I have been involving in conservation awareness activities to save the endangered Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica) in Karnali River System of Nepal since I was in school. Dolphins found in Nepal are upstream isolated population of Ganges River Dolphins which are more vulnerable to extinction because of small habitat range and intense anthropogenic pressure. The dolphins once found in Mahakali and Narayani River system of Nepal are already extinct.

Realizing the need to initiate collective action for dolphin conservation in Nepal, last year my colleagues, dolphin conservationists and I established an organization named "NEPAL DOLPHIN CONSERVATION SOCIETY".

Furthermore, I have been writing articles in newspapers and magazines to generate concern about conservation and awareness among people and the Government of Nepal regarding the Dolphin's conservation for the last 3 years. I am keen to do further study on the Ecology and conservation of freshwater Dolphin.  


 Nepal Dolphin Conservation Society (NDCS), Kathmandu and Dolphin Conservatin Centre (DCC), Thapapur Kailai Nepal

Position within organisation

Chairperson of NDCS and researcher of DCC.


This project aims to assess and explore the present status, distribution and habitat ecology of endangered Ganges river Dolphin in Karnali river system of Western Nepal through scientific research and field survey.

Conducting the field based research, survey and awreness activities on dolphin conservation in western Nepal.

Shambhu Paudel : Research Co-ordinator

Relevant species

This river dolphin can detect light, but its eyes lack lenses, leaving it unable to resolve images.

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Research interests

Ecology of Ganges river Dolphins


Tribhuwan University, Nepal



Associated Blog Posts
4th Nov 11
Earlier this week Bangladesh announced that three areas in the southern Sundarbans mangrove forest will be declared sanctuaries to protect Ganges river dolph...  Read

[Title:] Gangetic Dolphin
[Image caption]

 Four Gangetic Dolphins sighted in single photograph on August 2011 at Confluence of Mohana and Pathraiya river of Karnali River System , Nepal

[Image caption]

Dolphin sighted at the upper part of karnali river i.e. 700 m North of the Karnal-Chisapani bridge near bardia National Park.  According to ecologists the sighted place is the highest altitudinal habiat for Platanista gangetica.

[Image caption]

Dolphin sighted in the Mohana river of Nepal-India border.

[Image caption]

Dead Dolphin found by local villagers in Karnali River of western Nepal in April 25 2012 .

[Image caption]