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Dr Ross McEwing
Edinburgh, Jakarta
  • Project Manager
  • Researcher
  • Scientific advisor
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Wildgenes is an applied conservation genetics / genomics laboratory funded by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. The lab is configured to work simultaniously on many genetic projects, and collaboratively with many organisations.


TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network is a not for profit NGO with the remit of encouraging the use of, and building capacity in, wildlife forensics.


Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network

Position within organisation

Senior Scientist - Wildgenes, RZSS

Technical Director - TRACE WFN

Relevant species

This two-horned rhino is the smallest and most threatened of the five living rhinoceros species.

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This two-horned African rhinoceros has suffered more persecution than any other species of rhino.

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Asia's largest mammal, this 'keystone' species plays a vital role in maintaining its forest ecosystem.

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This species secretes oils known as "blood-sweat" which keep its skin waterproof.

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The term pangolin comes from the Malayan word peng-goling, meaning a roller.

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Research interests

1. Applications of genetics / genomics to wildlife conservation.

2. Applications of genetics / genomics for wildlife forensics investigations and enforcement.


TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network

Bangor University

Relevant publications

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