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Ambika Khatiwada MSc
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Ambika is a conservationist and an EDGE Fellow working with the National Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC), Nepal. The species he works with is the Chinese pangolin. He is studying trade issues and ecology of pangolin in the eastern Himalayas region, Taplejung district (bordering to China-Tibet to the north and India-Sikkim to the east) of Nepal. The pangolins are facing greater challenges for their survival in natural habitat due to illegal trade and habitat destruction in Nepal. His study is to understand illegal trade issues and the ecology of pangolins. He is conducting social surveys, line transect surveys, deploying infra red motion digital camera traps and raising community awareness for the long-term conservation of this unique and endangered species. Along with the pangolin, he is also working for the conservation of the Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole), one of the endangered and little known pack hunting carnivores. He is serving NTNC as a conservation officer since 2011. 

Position within organisation

Conservation Officer


This project supports in-country EDGE Fellows to help conserve relevant EDGE species

This project aims to obtain baseline information on the status, distribution ecology, the drivers of decline mainly hunting and habitat degradation and to define solutions for mitigating major threats along with plan of action and initiate implementation of program activities in Nangknolyang and Dokhu villages of Taplejung district.

Relevant species

Pangolin in Cantonese is “Chun-shua-cap” which means “scaly hill-borer”. This refers to the Chinese legend that pangolins travel all around the world underground

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