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Grace Quiton
Silago, Southern Leyte, Philippines
  • EDGE Fellow
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Grace is the founder and Executive Director of Ocean-action Resource Center, which is an NGO dedicated to providing environmental education for young Filipinos and coastal communities of the Philippines.


She is keen to incorporate the management and conservation skills that she will gain from her EDGE Fellowship into her existing work.  


Having excelled at the EDGE Coral Reef training course held in Indonesia in 2011, Grace’s passion for coral reefs will make her an excellent EDGE Fellow. 



Ocean-action Resource Center, Inc.
Position within organisation

Executive Director


This project supports in-country EDGE Fellows to help conserve relevant EDGE species

Using the three priority EDGE Coral species that occur in the Indo-Pacific region, this project will focus on enhancing existing conservation strategies, notably marine protected areas (MPAs). Using these species as flagships for coral reef conservation, this project will also engage coastal communities, particularly youth, in stronger support for marine conservation.

Relevant species

This aptly named coral is truly enchanting, contrasting velvety, green corallites with bright pink tentacle tips.

[Relevance of this particular species to you (optional)]

A beautiful, free-living species with stripy soft tissue and a large, central mouth.

[Relevance of this particular species to you (optional)]

A gigantic yet attractive colonial coral which is popular in the aquarium trade.

[Relevance of this particular species to you (optional)]


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