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Chris Ransom
London, UK
  • Project Manager
  • Regional co-ordinator
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Chris is responsible for ongoing projects in Gabon, Cameroon, Ghana and new initiatives in Sierra Leone, Liberia and across North Africa. He has been with ZSL in London for 3 years having previously spent a year working as a consultant for ZSL in Sierra Leone where he was responsible for assessing the impacts of a Hydro-electric Project on primates and other mammals.


Before joining ZSL he spent time working on other projects around the world including Cross River State in Nigeria where he worked first for the Centre for Education, Research and Conservation Of Primates And Nature (CERCOPAN), a small NGO working on primate rehabilitation, environmental education, community rainforest conservation, and research, followed by the Wildlife Conservation Society where he was responsible for their work on the Cross River gorilla.


He is now a Trustee of CERCOPAN and, due to his experience in West Africa, was recently appointed Co-Chair of the new pygmy hippo subgroup to the IUCN SSC Pigs, Peccaries and Hippos Specialist Group.

Zoological Society of London
Position within organisation

West and North Africa Programme Manager


Wildlife Wood Project (WWP)

: Project Leader

Ensuring the long-term survival of the western lowland gorilla and its forest habitat across the region, through a combination of approaches including research into status and threats and improving wildlife management in timber concessions.

To ensure the survival of the pygmy hippopotamus throughout its range.

To ensure the survival of the pygmy hippopotamus throughout its range.

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This species secretes oils known as "blood-sweat" which keep its skin waterproof.

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The heavily built gorilla is the largest of the living apes.

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