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Dr Noelle Kumpel
London, UK
  • Project Manager
  • Regional co-ordinator
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Noëlle has experience in practical conservation, research, project management and policy with a diverse range of organisations such as IUCN, the Convention on Biological Diversity, Conservation International, VSO and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, including many years working on the ground in countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Namibia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia.


She specialises in tropical forest conservation and has carried out doctoral and postdoctoral research on the sustainability and socio-economics of bushmeat hunting and trade in West and Central Africa with Imperial College London and University College London.


She started her career at ZSL in 2001 in the Institute of Zoology and since 2007 has been based in ZSL’s Conservation Programmes department, heading the Central, East and Southern Africa Conservation Programme. She is responsible for the management of projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Cameroon and Ghana carrying out capacity building, protected area management support, development of sustainable livelihoods and conservation finance and socio-economic and ecological research and monitoring.


She also coordinates the UK Bushmeat Working Group, a policy forum funded by the UK government, and is part of the team providing scientific advice to GLOBE’s International Commission on Land Use Change and Ecosystems.

Zoological Society of London
Position within organisation

Central, East and South Africa Programme Manager


Ensuring the long-term survival of the western lowland gorilla and its forest habitat across the region, through a combination of approaches including research into status and threats, supporting and improving wildlife management and exploring alternatives to bushmeat for communities.

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The heavily built gorilla is the largest of the living apes.

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