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Jingcai Lv MSc
Guiyang, China
  • EDGE Fellow
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Jingcai is a conservationist and his primary interest is research of amphibians and reptiles.


Jingcai is an EDGE Fellow working on wild Chinese Giant Salamander conservation in the Key Laboratory of Biodiversity and Environment Conservation in Guiyang University, China.


Jingcai will focus on surveys, monitoring and management of wild Chinese Giant Salamander in Guizhou. His ultimate goal is to achieve long-term conservation  of this species and the whole freshwater ecosystem.

Guiyang universty

This project supports in-country EDGE Fellows to help conserve relevant EDGE species

This project, led by ZSL and funded by the UK government’s Darwin Initiative, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong and the US Fish and Wildlife Amphibians in Decline fund, aims to provide sound scientific evidence to conserve the Chinese giant salamander (CGS) and its habitat. The CGS is a national treasure of China and can be regarded as the “freshwater panda”. However, wild CGS populations have experienced 80% declines since the 1950s and this species is currently listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ by the IUCN.

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The largest living amphibian, the Chinese giant salamander can reach lengths of 1.8 metres.

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Keen on wildlife conservation and aim to become the conservation leader in China

Working to protect the Chinese giant salamander.

I am focusing on the conservation genetics of wild Chinese giant salamander.



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