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Arun Kanagavel
Hyderabad, India
  • EDGE Fellow
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Arun is a conservationist from India who is interested in research that results in action on the ground.  His main interests lie in building baseline data of lesser-known threatened herpetofauna and working with local communities to integrate them into conservation mechanisms


1. Wildlife Information Liaison Developement, Coimbatore

2. Conservation Research Group, Kochi

Position within organisation

1. Research Associate

2. Research Fellow


The toad skinned frog (Indirana phrynoderma) is a rare, endemic, ground-dwelling species, which belongs to the evolutionarily distinct family of Ranixalidae. Recorded only from Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary (IGWLS) and the adjoining reserve forests of Valparai, this species is Critically Endangered, due to its point endemism and ongoing threats including habitat destruction. This project aims to generate baseline information on the species and explore opportunities for habitat conservation with local communities through outreach initiatives

Management of the project and undertaking it in India

Relevant species

This species is sometimes called the 'toad-skinned frog' because of its warty skin.

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Research interests

Interested in research that would inform conservation action, in social dimensions that influence perception of nature and its conservation and the potential of local communities in linking biodiversity conservation and protected areas.



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