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Dr Mitchell Irwin
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After completing a B.Sc. Honours at the University of Toronto (Physical Anthropology and Zoology), i enrolled on a PhD programme in Anthropological Sciences (Stony Brook University) studying Propithecus diadema at Tsinjoarivo, Madagascar. I am currently a NSERC-funded postdoctoral fellow working in the Department of Biology at McGill University, under the supervision of Dr. Colin Chapman. I am following up on several unanswered questions generated during my Ph.D. research at Stony Brook University. That research documented the shifts in diet, ranging and spatial ecology that sifakas undergo in forest fragments, but changes in nutritional ecology and the prevalence of disease and parasitism remain unexplored. It is these two aspects of the system that I am currently investigating.
McGill University
Position within organisation
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mitchell founded the research project in 2000 working with a Malagasy student, Jean-Luc Raharison. Since 2003, Mr. Raharison has been co-Principal Investigator and co-ordinates project activities within Madagascar while working on his PhD.

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Considered to be one of the rarest of Madagascar's lemurs. No part of its range is protected.

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Research interests
Ecology, Primatology, Forest Fragmentation, Conservation
Relevant publications
Irwin MT (in press) A review of the parasites of the lemurs of Madagascar. In: Companion and Exotic Animal Parasitology (D. D. Bowman, ed.). Ithaca, NY: International Veterinary Information Service.

Irwin MT (2007) Diademed sifaka (Propithecus diadema ) ranging and habitat use in continuous and fragmented forest: Higher density but lower viability in fragments? Biotropica 40(2). DOI 10.1111/j.1744-7429.2007.00368.x.

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Department of Biology, McGill University
1205 Docteur Penfield Avenue
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 398-5421 / fax (514) 398-1643
Email: mitchell.irwin@mcgill.ca