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Kelly Slater
Philadelphia, PA
  • Researcher
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I recently earned my B.A in Criminal Justice at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. While there, I was funded to conduct independent research on organized crime in Philadelphia and Italy. I spent May - July 2014 performing fieldwork in Sicily, Italy on Sicilian Mafia testimony. 


I am now enrolling in a Criminal Justice Ph.D program. I intend to build my research agenda by studying the illicit environmental trade - e.g, protein, exotic pets, logging. Currently, I am developing research on illegal primate hunting and trade. 


I am excited to learn more about this interdisciplinary field of study and would be happy to hear from others involved in this work. Please feel free to email me to say hello or discuss research.

Relevant species

This two-horned African rhinoceros has suffered more persecution than any other species of rhino.

[Relevance of this particular species to you (optional)]

The largest living terrestrial mammal.

[Relevance of this particular species to you (optional)]

"Orangutan" is a Malay word meaning "person of the forest".

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“Orangutan” is a Malay term that means ‘person of the forest’. According to folklore, these apes are really people who do not speak for fear that they will be put to work.

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The term pangolin comes from the Malayan word peng-goling, meaning a roller.

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Pangolin in Cantonese is “Chun-shua-cap” which means “scaly hill-borer”. This refers to the Chinese legend that pangolins travel all around the world underground

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Research interests

Organized crime, illegal wildlife trade, illegal logging, green criminology, critical theory, media and crime


International Regional Interests: Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, Russia


Temple University - Department of Criminal Justice, Student Researcher


B.A Criminal Justice, Temple University, 2014 - Honors Scholar


Read more about my research at my professional website: slater-kelly.wix.com/research


Email me at: tud19990@temple.edu