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Dr Ben Collen
London, UK
  • Researcher
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Ben’s research has provided valuable insights into extinction processes and conservation decision-making. He is currently developing species-based biodiversity indicators to enable conservationists and policy-makers to determine whether we can achieve a significant reduction in the current rate of biodiversity loss.
Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London
Position within organisation
Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Ben is hoping to find out pygmy hippo abundance and distribution data

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This species secretes oils known as "blood-sweat" which keep its skin waterproof.

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Ben is involved in a pygmy hippo project in Liberia
Research interests
Biodiversity monitoring; conservation biology; biodiversity indicators; extinction risk; Red List; comparative analysis
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25th Feb 10
The pygmy hippopotamus is today featured as the IUCN Red List ‘Species of the Day’, which is running throughout 2010 to mark the International Year of Bi...  Read