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Prof. Russell Poulter
New Zealand, South Island
  • Researcher
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Associate Professor Russell Poulter is a self-confessed frog enthusiast and his passion and concern for the frogs disappearing from his garden has led him to investigate the frog disaese chytridiomycosis. In collaboration with Rick Speare and Phil Bishop and his research assistant Margi Butler (pictured with Russell) they developed a cure for chytridiomycosis in the lab. Current research continues to refine this cure and is also looking at potential cures that could be used in the field. Russell Poulter's laboratory has a wide range of other interests, ranging from transgenic yeast technology as applied to the wine industry to the application of genetic analyses to horticulture. Russell has recently described a gene conferring resistance to powdery mildew in Lathyrus, the Sweet pea.
University of Otago

Russel is working on a cure for chytridiomycosis

Relevant species

One of the world‘s most primitive frog species, Archey‘s frog is a “living fossil”.

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Research interests
Amphibian diseases and conservation