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Prof. Rick Speare
Townsville, Australia
  • Researcher
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Rick is an active member of the frog research group at Otago. Although being based at James Cook University (Townsville, Australia), Rick spends a fair amount of time in New Zealand working on chytridiomycosis and helping to supervise many student projects. He is a world expert on diseases of amphibians, particularly free-ranging populations. He has been involved in research on amphibian diseases for 20 years.
James Cook University, Australia
University of Otago

Rick is involved with research on amphibian disease and declines

Relevant species

One of the world‘s most primitive frog species, Archey‘s frog is a “living fossil”.

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Research interests
Understanding the diseases of Leiopelma, particularly the blistering syndrome in Leiopelma archeyi.
Researching the epidemiology of chytridiomycosis in introduced Litoria spp. and in Leiopelma spp.
Developing effective treatment for chytridiomycosis in individual amphibians.
Exploring effective intervention strategies for chytridiomycosis in free-ranging amphibians using antifungal agents.
Including New Zealand amphibian disease specialists and researchers in the Amphibian Disease Diagnostic Network to allow integration with Australia and training opportunities.