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Prof. Jonathan Baillie
London, UK
  • Project Manager
  • Project Co-ordinator
  • Scientific advisor
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Jonathan is the driving force behind the EDGE of Existence programme and a global authority on the status and trends of threatened species. He is Conservation Programmes Director at the Zoological Society of London and works with a large number of projects which focus on monitoring the status of rare and threatened species.

His extensive fieldwork experience includes research and monitoring of western lowland gorillas in Gabon, Central Africa, developing ecotourism sites in Central Africa, monitoring rare endemic birds in the Gulf of Guinea, behavioural studies ofdesert baboons in Namibia. Jonathan is especially passionate about Mongolian wildlife after co-ordinating regional action planning processes in the country.
Zoological Society of London
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Fewer than 1,000 of these two-humped camels survive today in one of the most hostile regions on earth.

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This small jumping rodent can be distinguished from other jerboas by its enormous ears.

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Jonathan has made several trips to Mongolia to set up local projects for the long-eared jerboa to survey its population and investigate the decline of its habitat and food sources.