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Jaime Bosch
  • Researcher
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I have been working on behavioural ecology of amphibians for many years, mostly on acoustic communication and sexual selection. Most of my research has been done with midwife toads (genus Alytes) in Spain, but I have also been interested on amphibians of tropical areas. However, after chytridiomycosis nearly extirpated my study population of midwife toads, I focused my research on the incidence of the disease. Additionally, in the last years I have been involved on different conservation programs for endangered amphibian species, including†practices of eradication of introduced fish and breeding in captivity.
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Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, CSIC
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Males carry the eggs wrapped around their hind legs and care for them until hatching.

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Research interests
Behavioural Ecology, Amphibian conservation, Emerging disease, introduced species