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Philip de Pous
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I am a Dutch wildlife management student (University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein) with a main interest in herpetofauna.

My researches are mainly based on the ecology and conservation of reptiles and amphibians. I am also the chairman of the Society for the Preservation of Herpetological Diversity (SPHD), which is a new Dutch organisation that conducts research on highly endangered reptile and amphibian species.
Society for the Preservation of Herpetological Diversity (SPHD)

University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein
Relevant species

This species spends half of the year in a dormant state underground.

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Research interests
Conservation, Caudata, Anura, Ecology
Relevant publications
Beukema, W., de Pous, P. & Brakels, P. 2008. Remarks on the morphology and distribution of Lyciasalamandra luschani finikensis with the discovery of a new isolated population. Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie (Accepted)
Philip de Pous
Oude Molstraat 2E
2513 BB
Den Haag

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