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Wouter Beukema
  • Researcher
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I’m a Dutch graduate student Wildlife Management at the University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein, with a main interest in Mediterranean herpetofauna. Research on the endangered Alpine Salamander subspecies Salamandra atra and S. a. pasubiensis and various fieldtrips throughout the Mediterranean area directed my interest towards amphibian research and conservation in this area.
University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein

This project aims to identify which environmental and climatic factors are the main predictors for the presence of these species.

Relevant species

This species spends half of the year in a dormant state underground.

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Males carry the eggs wrapped around their hind legs and care for them until hatching.

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Research interests
Mediterranean amphibians, GIS-related research (ecological modelling, distribution predictions).
Relevant publications
Beukema, W., de Pous, P. & Brakels, P. 2008. Remarks on the morphology and distribution of Lyciasalamandra luschani finikensis with the discovery of a new isolated population. Zeitschrift für Feldherpetologie (Accepted)

Beukema, W. & P. Brakels (2008): Discovery of Salamandra atra aurorae (Trevisan, 1982) on the Altopiano di Vezzena, Trentino (Northeastern Italy). Acta Herpetologica 3(1): 77 - 81.

Beukema, W. (2006): Filling in the gap in the distribution of Salamandra salamandra alfredschmidti Köhler & Steinfartz 2006, and remarks on the reproduction of the Rio Tendi Valley salamanders in Asturias, Spain. Amphibia 5(2): 20-23.