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Thomas Doherty-Bone
Based in the UK
  • Researcher
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My research interests revolve around the Afrotropics and the conservation of its amphibians and reptiles. This has recently been manifest by my work in Cameroon and the conservation of its amphibian faunas. At present I am prioritizing amphibians due to their enigmatic and rapid declines. Since 2006, I have been travelling to North West Province, Cameroon, to work mainly on Mount Oku, which holds many endemic species.

The Lake Oku Clawed Frog is one of the focal species in this region, owing to its unusual ecology, highly restricted distribution and vulnerability to extinction. In 2008, I set up a monitoring program for this species, and will be returning to Lake Oku in 2009 to conduct further ecological research on this frog and the lake. I research other amphibians in the area, especially assessing threats such as habitat loss and emerging infectious diseases. I have also recently expanded research on caecilian amphibians, a group that has been highly neglected by researchers in Cameroon.
Natural History Museum, London
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Volunteer researcher

This project works towards the conservation of Cameroon's amphibians through scientific research.

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Found only in a single lake in Cameroon, this species has a highly unusual genetic make-up.

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Research interests
African Biodiversity, notably amphibians and their conservation biology.
Relevant publications
Doherty-Bone, T.M., Bielby, J., Gonwouo, N.L., LeBreton, M. & Cunningham, A.A. (2008). In a vulnerable position? Preliminary survey work fails to detect the amphibian chytrid pathogen in the Highlands of Cameroon, an amphibian hotspot. Herpetological Journal, 18: 115-118

Doherty-Bone, T. (2007). Belo Community Herpetological and Conservation Project 2006 – Final Report. Expedition report submitted to the University of Aberdeen and Royal Geographical Society
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