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María Copa MSc.
La Paz City, Bolivia.
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María Eugenia Copa Alvaro completed her undergraduate degree at the “Major University of Saint Andrew” in La Paz-Bolivia and her Master’s degree at the “National Autonomous University of Mexico” in Mexico DF. I am currently a Consultant for General Direction Biodiversity and Protect Areas, where I am working to monitoring & manage wildlife in Bolivia particularly middle to large sized mammals.

My first research was on peccaries distribution in the Amazon and their management. From 2006 to 2007 I studied the impact of hurricanes on the population of the endangered pygmy raccoons from Cozumel Island, Mexico.

In 2009 I began the project “Chinchillas in Bolivia”. The purpose of this project is to find remaining populations of short-tailed chinchillas in Bolivian territory with the support of the EDGE of Existence programme.

The short-tailed chinchilla is highly prized for its fur; it was hunted without measured in the early 19th century. Since 1939 there have been no records indicating the presence of the short-tailed chinchilla in Bolivia. So I decided to make inquiries among the residents of the Bolivian highlands about any sightings of the species and where they think the species may still exist. Through consulting and sampling, I hope to find a remnant population of short-tailed chinchillas.

Colección Boliviana de Fauna

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Chinchillas have been pushed to the brink of extinction by overharvesting for their dense, silky fur which is among the most valuable in the world.

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Here, I am interviewing a local lady about their knowledge of chinchillas in the area.