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James Mwang’ombe Mwamodenyi
  • Project Manager
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My work revolves around biodiversity conservation particularly in the Taita hills and the Tsavo Conservation region. My focus has been to initiate activities that foster the conservation of the target species and the community living in the area. In other words, the interventions we apply to conserve the target species should also contribute towards improving the lives (mainly through livelihood generation) of the community. Currently, we are carrying out habitat rehabilitation through planting of indigenous trees in Sagalla forest and the adjacent farms so as to improve the catchment function, initiating fishfarming and planting of improved banana cultivars to discourage wetland draining for vegetable cultivation, on-farm forestry and vetiva grass planting to reduce soil erosion and improve soil fertility to improve the niche for the Sagalla Caecilian. In addition to the above, we are also striving to improve the management of the forest and the water resources through the initiation of participatory natural resource management through the formation of community management structures. These community management structures include the Sagalla Community Forest Association (and the preparation of a Participatory Forest Management Plan for Sagalla) and the Lower Voi river/Sagalla Water Resource Users Association (including the preparation of the Lower Voi river/Sagalla Sub-Catchment Management Plan).
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Resembling a large earthworm, this species lives underground and has no limbs or externally visible eyes.

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