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EDGE Coral Reef Conservation in the Pacific Municipalities, Southern Leyte

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Using the three priority EDGE Coral species that occur in the Indo-Pacific region, this project will focus on enhancing existing conservation strategies, notably marine protected areas (MPAs). Using these species as flagships for coral reef conservation, this project will also engage coastal communities, particularly youth, in stronger support for marine conservation.

Southern Leyte, Philippines

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Grace Quiton


To improve the conservation status of EDGE coral species in the Pacific area of Southern Leyte, Philippines



To assess the efficacy of MPAs in the municipalities of Silago and Hinunangan, Southern Leyte, in the conservation of two EDGE coral species and other reef-associated species.

To design and implement a low-cost, simple, effective and measureable conservation, engagement and public awareness (CEPA) programme to promote EDGE coral reef conservation within the Pacific area of the Philippines.

To use EDGE Corals as a mechanism to strengthen multi-stakeholder support for MPAs across the Pacific area, including fortifying networks and alliances and improving accessibility and exchange of information among communities.

Use EDGE Corals as flagship species for the protection of coral reefs in the Philippines through their inclusion in environmental legislation, enforcement policies, and MPA management.

Project members
Grace Quiton : Project Manager

Working on EDGE Coral Species in Southern Leyte, Philippines

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