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Empowering Youth through Coral Conservation - Dendrogyra cylindrus

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The project aims to quantify threats and determine the historical and present distribution of Dendrogyra cylindrus throughout The Bahamas. This project will raise awareness about coral reefs using Dendrogyra cylindrus as a flagship species while engaging youth from underserved communities in citizen science.

The Bahamas - Nassau, Exuma and Andros

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Relevant EDGE species:
Pillar Coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus)

Project members:
Nikita Shiel-Rolle

Relevant species
28. Pillar Coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus) VU

An enormous and charismatic coral which sprouts multiple towering spires from its base.

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Define coral habitat in The Bahamas and develop standardized classification system for the different types of coral reefs utilising the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification Standard as a model.

Determine the distribution in The Bahamas of Dendrogyra cylindrus and the 15 IUCN Red Listed coral species based on existing literature.

Quantify potential threats to Dendrogyra cylindrus and other IUCN Red Listed species within The Bahamas

Asses change in distribution structure and relative abundance of Dendrogyra cylindrus and 15 IUCN Red Listed coral species from historical data

Raise awareness about coral reefs within targeted local communities built on the baseline data gathered from objectives 1 to 4

Project members

A Marine Biologist with a passion for education and adventure, Nikita is studying EDGE Corals.

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