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Quantifying entanglement and use of, and increasing awareness about, South Asian river dolphins

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This project will investigate by-catch levels of entangling gear types and the use of dolphin products for South Asian river dolphins in the north-eastern Sundarban mangrove forest and adjacent areas. It will increase awareness of fishing communities about freshwater dolphins and ongoing efforts to protect them in collaboration with students from local educational institutions


North-eastern Sundarbans reserve forest and adjacent areas alongside the Passur river.

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South Asian River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica)

Project members:
Manish Datta

Relevant species
60. South Asian River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica) EN

This river dolphin can detect light, but its eyes lack lenses, leaving it unable to resolve images.

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The aim of this research is to provide information on the bycatch of, and markets for, South Asian river dolphins in the Sundarbans mangrove forest. This information is vital for designing effective conservation management in three new Wildlife Sanctuaries recently declared by the Government of Bangladesh for the protection of freshwater dolphins, as well as in surrounding waters that are heavily fished by local people. It will also enable the development of a targeted communication strategy to promote dolphin-safe and sustainable fishing practices among local fishing communities.


1.       To quantify and characterise dolphin by-catch

2.       To quantify and characterise use of dolphin products

3.       To increase awareness and support for the conservation of dolphins

Project members
Manish Datta : Project Coordinator / EDGE Fellow

I am an EDGE Fellow working on South Asian river dolphins in Bangladesh.

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Within this project:
Coordinate the project including the involvement of the students from the local educational institutions and collaborate with the local experts.
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