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Mariana Altrichter & Gabriel Boaglio: Conservation of peccaries in Northern Argentina.

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Argentina, northern Chaco region.

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Chacoan Peccary (Catagonus wagneri)

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Mariana Altrichter

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72. Chacoan Peccary (Catagonus wagneri) EN

A pig-like mammal known only from fossils until discovered alive in the 1970s.

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To gather information on the distribution and conservation status of the three species of peccaries in northern Argentina.
Project summary
The Chaco region is one of the poorest, least developed regions of the country. It still has large extensions of continuous forest with high diversity of wildlife. In the last few years, projects for agriculture and cattle ranching have been implemented by the government through the privatization on state land. In this project we surveyed the region to learn more a bout the situation of peccaries and jaguars, their distribution, and the different threats that affect them, especially hunting and deforestation.
Start date: 2003
Duration: 3 years intensive field work, then in continues with occasional research.
Project members

Mariana's research includes the ecology of peccaries, conservation of wildlife and subsistence hunting

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Project partners
Gabriel Boaglio
Federal Office of Veterninarie, CITES Authority
Switzerland, Government of Switzerland. 2000-2005.
Servizio Conservazione della Natura, Ministero dell´Ambiente, CITES Italy, Italy.