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Weird Creatures

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This series aims to raise awareness of lesser-known, yet fascinating species.


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Awareness improvement

Relevant EDGE species:
Olm (Proteus anguinus)
Lake Titicaca water frog or saggy-skinned frog (Telmatobius culeus)

Project members:
Nick Baker

Relevant species
19. Olm (Proteus anguinus) VU

Europe‘s only cave-adapted vertebrate, the olm can survive for 10 years without food.

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173. Lake Titicaca water frog or saggy-skinned frog (Telmatobius culeus) CR

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The series 'Weird Creatures' aims to raise awareness to species that spend little or no time in the limelight – in this respect many EDGE candidates find themselves in front of the camera. Examples are; Telmatobius culeus (Lake Titicaca Frog), Proteus anguinus (Olm), the highly ED Cryptobranchus alleganiensis (Hellbender) and various Ambystomids.

The hope is that by raising of awareness to the plight of many of the lesser known and equally fascinating species, the first steps are taken to conserving a species.
1. Raise awareness of the existence of species;
2. To further raise awareness to a greater audience of the plights of such species and the work that certain dedicated individuals are carrying out;
3. By upping the profile increase the possibility and desirability to fund such works.
Produced and broadcast two series on of Weird Creatures for Animal Planet, channel FIVE and Granada international – with a third series in production for an airing sometime toward the end of 2009. There is also a book proposal in the pipeline.
Project members
Nick Baker : Concept originator and on-air host/presenter

Nick is a naturalist and broadcaster with a passion for unique species.

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Nick Baker
[Title:] The Olm
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Proteus anguinus