Become an EDGE Fellow

Our Fellowship programme provides structured training to early-career conservation biologists to undertake an applied research or conservation project on a local EDGE species.

The EDGE Fellowship programme is more than just a source of funding. In addition to receiving a grant of up to £10,000, EDGE Fellows attend two regional training courses; undertake online modules in relevant topics; and receive one-to-one support from a scientific advisors based at ZSL or a partner organisation.

The application period for the 2017 cycle of EDGE Fellowships is CLOSED. The shortlisted EDGE Fellows will be announced in September. All applicants will be informed of the results.

Future applicants must:

  • Focus their work on a priority EDGE species. Click here for a list of eligible species. Species not included in this list will not be considered
  • Be an early-career conservation biologist or wildlife manager (less than 10 years’ experience). 
  • Be a resident of the country in which the proposed focal species occurs.

Priority will be given to projects focusing on:

  • EDGE species where limited research has been done and/or that currently receives little or no conservation attention.

To complete an application, please download the:

If you have additional queries, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

The application period for the 2017 cycle of EDGE Fellowships is CLOSED. The shortlisted EDGE Fellows will be announced in September. All applicants will be informed of the results.

Please contact the EDGE team at if you have any queries


ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme is kindly supported by Fondation Segré, investing in the next generation of conservation leaders. 

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Downloads for the EDGE Fellowship Programme:
 •  Info sheet
 •  Application form
 •  Application guidelines

•  Application guidelines (only coral)

•  Coral species info

 •  Risk assessment
 •  FAQs

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Following on from Ali's blog last week...  In February 2012, I made a request to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to fit GPS collars on 10 adult (>3 year...  Read

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It’s official! The first hirola sanctuary in the world is up and running in Ijara, marking a significant step towards the recovery of arguably the world’...  Read

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Since the Croatian Herpetological Society started the olm conservation project "PROTEUS” in 2011, we have hosted several very important meetings and round-...  Read

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I’m Grace Quiton, an EDGE Fellow conducting a project on EDGE corals in Silago and Hinunangan municipalities in Southern Leyte, Philippines. Some people...  Read

17th Jul 12
My name is Ambika, I am from Nepal and my EDGE Fellowship focuses on studying the Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) in the eastern Himalayas, Tapleju...  Read

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Ditto dela Rosa is our EDGE Corals Fellow, who works with local governments, academia, community-based organizations and NGOs in the Philippines. One of his ...  Read

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20th Nov 09
The following blog update was sent by James Mwang'ombe of the Taita Taveta Wildlife Forum in Kenya, where EDGE Fellow Dorine is working to conserve the elusi...  Read

17th Nov 09
Although the origin of the name “Ghost Frog” is unknown, it is believed that it originated because some frogs are found in Skeleton Gorge on Table Mounta...  Read

8th Oct 09
Our EDGE Fellow for the South African ghost frogs, Werner Conradie, has just sent us this fascinating account of how frog calls provide vital clues about wha...  Read

24th Mar 09
Osé is an EDGE Fellow working on conservation of the Hispaniolan solenodon in Haiti. Here he reports on the findings from his EDGE Fellowship fieldwork in t...  Read

21st Jul 08
Osé is an EDGE Fellow working on conservation of the Hispaniolan solenodon in the Massif de la Hotte, Haiti. Here he reports on some of his findings from re...  Read

19th Feb 08
We are thrilled to introduce our latest EDGE Fellow from Haiti- Osé Pauléus. He will be working to conserve Hispaniolan solenodons and their habitats in ...  Read