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Conservation of the Rondo Galago and Other Wildlife in Tanzania


To conserve the critically endangered Rondo galago and other threatened species in the coastal forests of Tanzania through research, improved forest management and increased awareness.

Image | Rondo dwarf galago | © Johan Karlsson
Species Background

The distinctive and tiny Rondo galago was first described in 1996, and is endemic to coastal Tanzania. It is unique for its bottle-brush tail and ‘double-unit rolling call’. The adult rondo galago weighs in at around 60g, is primarily insectivorous and moves by vertical leaping and climbing in the forest understorey. During the day they are found in their sleeping nests in the canopy. This galago is one of the most endangered primates and is known only from eight small, highly threatened forest patches (spread over less than 100 km²). The two main subpopulations are also geographically isolated, 400km apart from each other, which could cause inbreeding and decreased health.

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Species Threats

The major threat facing this species is loss of habitat. All sites where the Rondo galago is found are subject to agricultural encroachment, charcoal manufacture and/or logging. Although most of these sites are national or local authority forest reserves, in practice they are rarely actively protected. Given current trends in charcoal production for nearby Dar es Salaam, two of its forest habitat reserves (Pugu and Kazimzumbwi) will be gone in 15 years.

Future Actions
  • Complete a study to solidify a draft of the Rondo galago species action plan
  • Conduct field surveys to assess the state and genetics of the current population, and build on previous experiences by surveying forests likely to hold the species
  • To raise awareness amongst key politicians within the government and people living within the Rondo galago habitat of the plight of the species
  • Strengthen the capacity of local communities to manage forests, improve forest governance and if necessary create protected areas where the Rondo galago occurs
  • To complete a final species action plan and scientific publications on the Rondo galago and explore ways to sustain support for further conservation efforts for the species
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The Rondo dwarf galago is one of the most endangered primates in the world, only known from eight forest fragments.

This tiny species is most threatened by increasing coal production in nearby Dar es Salaam, causing loss of its natural habitat.

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