Grace Wambui Ngaruiya lives in Kenya in a small Rift valley province town called Ngong on the outskirts of Kenya's capital city where she recently completed a Master’s degree in Biology of Conservation at the University of Nairobi. Grace graduated with a degree in Zoology from the same university and worked in the Eastern province of Kenya, assessing the effect of ranch subdivision on biodiversity. Grace completed her EDGE Fellowship in September 2008.

For her EDGE project Grace researched the little-known, but endangered and endemic, small mammal known as the golden-rumped elephant-shrew or sengi. The overall aim of Grace's research was to assess the status and population size (presence, distribution and abundance) of the golden-rumped elephant-shrew in the poorly known Boni and Dodori Forests. She also aimed to gather data on the threat processes impacting the habitats and elephant-shrew populations in this region, one of the two major sites this elephant-shrew is found along with the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest further south.

Her project determined:

1) The presence/absence of golden-rumped elephant-shrews in the Boni and Dodori coastal forests;

2) The extent of likely habitat for the golden-rumped elephant-shrew throughout its distribution;

3) The relative abundance of golden-rumped elephant-shrews in representative habitats in Boni and Dodori for comparison with published data from the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest;

4) The conservation status of the golden-rumped elephant-shrew and its habitat, and made management recommendations.

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