John Konie works for the Liberian Forestry Development Authority (FDA) as Park Biologist for Sapo National Park. Konie has a degree in Forestry and spent many years lecturing at the University of Liberia and undertaking botanical surveys throughout Liberia with international experts.His EDGE Fellowship focuses on initiating conservation actions for the pygmy hippo (Hexaprotodon liberiensis), EDGE Mammal number 21.

Together with Flora and Fauna International (FFI), Konie is establishing a bio-monitoring programme for Sapo National Park which will produce data on abundance levels of key species, including the pygmy hippo. Konie carries out surveys using a variety of methods, including camera traps, to develop baseline data for abundance and ecology of the park's elusive species.

Konie’s project is, for the first time, implementing a monitoring programme using infra red camera traps. This will provide an estimate of pygmy hippo abundance in Sapo National Park. This information will feed into a conservation action plan for the species and will help inform park management.

Sapo National Park represents one of only three locations where pygmy hippos are thought to remain. Signs of the hippos have been observed in several localities within the park over the past couple of years. The information on the species' distribution within the park, and abundance estimates for the Sapo sub-population will be collected, laying the foundations for accurate, repeatable and robust population trend data to be compiled. Such data are essential for proactive conservation management of the species, both within the park and throughout the species' range.

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