A conservation success story for Arabuko-Sokoke Forest

Plans to conduct exploratory gas and oil surveys within Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Kenya, have been suspended following fierce opposition from conservationists, local communities and local nature authorities. Arabuko- Sokoke Forest is the largest remnant of coastal forest in East Africa and is home to many endangered species, including four mammals and six birds. The golden-rumped sengi […]

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EDGE Fellow Grace visits the UK

For the past few weeks a former EDGE Fellow, Grace Wambui Ngaruiya has been visiting the UK. EDGE supported Grace’s research in the Boni and Dodori ecosystems in Kenya that led to the discovery of a potentially new species of elephant shrew. Before Grace returned to Kenya she was asked a few questions about her […]

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Elusive elephant-shrew found in African forest

When Kenyan EDGE Fellow Grace Wambui was awarded an EDGE Fellowship to study the golden-rumped elephant-shrew, she had little idea that she would discover a mammal that is potentially new to science. The golden-rumped elephant-shrew (also known as the golden-rumped sengi) is the most threatened of the four currently recognised species of giant elephant-shrew. It […]

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Golden-rumped creature is Species of the Day!

EDGE mammal number 46, the remarkable golden-rumped elephant-shrew, is the Species of the Day! Elephant-shrews (or sengi’s) are so-named because they have long, flexible trunks, and when you see them in action they are actually surprisingly elephantine! Funnily enough, recent studies show that elephant shrews are in fact more closely related to elephants than to […]

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The Awer, or Boni, people

Our Kenyan EDGE Fellow, Grace Ngaruiya, studies the Endangered golden-rumped elephant shrew (Rhynchocyon chrysopygus). She has carried out transect surveys in the Boni forest (for more information on the site see previous blog) and asked local people whether they can identify different elephant shrew species as being found in the forest. Grace sent us this […]

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