Of Pygmy Sloths and Local Communities

Two years have passed since my first encounter with a female pygmy sloth and her  baby on Escudo de Veraguas Island. With so little information about this species and little attention from the communities and environmental authorities on their status, we knew that the work to preserve the species would not be easy. To date, […]

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A flying start to saving pygmy three-toed sloths

EDGE Fellow Diorene isn’t afraid to wade up to her chest in search of a sloth! Read her latest blog about her adventures in Panama: My country, Panama, is small but it has a great amount of biodiversity. And I cannot imagine being out of contact with my country’s nature and wildlife. Since I was a […]

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From veterinarian to conservationist: The start of my journey

Around half of the course participants on the EDGE Conservation Tools training course are from Kenya. The rest of the participants have travelled far and wide to be here. Diorene Smith Cabellos has come all the way from Panama (an island she shares with a very special EDGE species) to experience Africa for the very […]

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Thanks to You We’ve Raised Over £3,600 for the Pygmy Sloth!

A big thank you to all our supporters who donated and spread the word about our campaign – each of you helped us to raise a grand total of £3,653 which we will use to implement vital conservation actions to rescue the last hundred pygmy sloths from extinction! Hopefully we will be going back to […]

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In Search of the Pygmy Three-toed Sloth – Part III – the Results

Our two EDGE scientists David and Craig had battled bad weather and stormy seas to get a glimpse of the elusive pygmy three-toed sloth on Escudo Island. They had managed to spot one shy female hidden in the mangroves, but they held out hope to find more… We woke up to discover that the cloud […]

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