Species of the Week: Table Mountain Ghost Frog

The Table Mountain ghost frog (or Rose’s ghost frog – Heleophrynidae rosei) is a focal EDGE amphibian, and is named so because it is only found on Table Mountain in Cape Town, occupying an area of only 7-8 km sq. The ‘ghost’ part of their common name might have come about due to their occurrence […]

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Can Diatoms Help Save Hewitt’s Ghost Frog?

Can Diatoms Help Save Hewitt’s Ghost Frog?

We have recently brought in a new monitoring tool to help devise conservation management actions for Hewitt’s Ghost Frog: a full spectrum diatom analysis of the Geelhoutboom River. But firstly, what is a diatom? Diatoms are microscopic, one-celled algae that can be found in colonies or as single cells and are usually abundant in aquatic […]

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VIE Marking of Tadpoles

The latest update from EDGE Fellow Werner Conradie. Hewitt’s Ghost Frog (Heleophryne hewitti) was considered critically endangered, with a declining population. This was due to the fact that big fires and floods caused many of the streams to silt up. Big floods in 2007 cleared the streams from al lot of these silt and improved […]

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EDGE Fellows visit London

Last week two EDGE Fellows, Werner Conradie and Saman Gamage visited London to speak at the Zoological Society of London’s Communicating Science event: “Life on the EDGE: Putting forgotten species on the map” which turned out to be the highlight of the week for both Fellows. Werner Conradie is researching the Ghost frog population in […]

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EDGE amphibian is IUCN Species of the Day

Today’s IUCN Species of the Day is EDGE amphibian number 15, the Table Mountain ghost frog (Heleophryne rosei). The family to which the Table Mountain ghost frog belongs represents the most ancient members of the Neobatrachia suborder (the modern frogs and toads) having diverged from their closest ancestors over 160 million years ago. Found only […]

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