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Apothecary: Photographic Exhibition and Lectures

The Last Survivors – the race to save the last Caribbean mammal species and their habitats The Caribbean is widely recognised as extremely species rich while simultaneously facing very high level of threats. The field project manager for the Hispaniolan Endemic Land Mammals project is Dr Jose Nunez-Mino of the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He […]

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Extraordinary saiga is Species of the Day

The saiga (Saiga tatarica) is EDGE mammal conservation priority number 62, and is today’s IUCN Species of the Day. This extraordinary-looking antelope is found in central Asia in about five distinct sub-populations. The saiga’s over-sized nose is thought to be an adaptation for warming and moistening inhaled air during the winter, filtering out airborne dust […]

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Last Survivors – special edition solenodon blog

We were not expecting to write another blog until mid June but there is lots of exciting news that we want to share with you and so it warrants this special edition blog. Cristina Fernandez Secades, a student from Imperial College, has joined the project. She has hit the ground running and has already had […]

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Rhino poaching: A global phenomenon

Five eastern black rhinoceroses have recently been airlifted from the South African conservancy in which they were raised to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Reserve. They are the first of 32 eastern black rhinos that are due to be returned to their native habitat following the evacuation of their ancestors almost 50 years ago – a time […]

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