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Introducing EDGE Fellow Marcel Talla Kouete

I’m Marcel and I live in Yaoundé, Cameroon (Central Africa). I have just become an EDGE Fellow and I will be working on a project called ‘Conservation of Cameroon’s Caecilians’. Caecilians (pronounced sa-SILL-i-ens), also called Gymnophiona (from the Greek Gymnos, meaning cryptic), are tropical amphibians that look like large earthworms. Most of them have a […]

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Start the year as you mean to go on

I am convinced that time is speeding up; the last few weeks have absolutely flown by. Our main focus since our last blog has been field work. The whole team has been working flat out. Pedro Martinez and the rest of the “Sociedad Ornitologica de la Hispaniola” (SOH; Hispaniolan Ornithological Society) team have completed surveys […]

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