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Species of the Week: Maned Three-toed Sloth

It was the pygmy three-toed sloth last week, now we’re continuing with the sloth theme this week with the maned three-toed sloth (although it has been species of the week already, we think they deserve some more press!). There are four species of three-toed sloth in the single genus Bradypus: the pygmy three-toed sloth, brown-throated […]

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In Search of the Pygmy Three-toed Sloth – Part II – The First Sloth

In the last blog David and Craig had arrived in Panama City, met their chef Gustavo and boat captain Sebastian, and had gathered all the equipment they needed ready for the trip to Escudo de Veraguas. However, despite their raring enthusiasm and thorough preparation, the start of the expedition didn’t exactly go according to plan… […]

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Species of the Week SPECIAL EDITION: Pygmy Three-Toed Sloth

The pygmy three-toed sloth was officially recognised as a distinct species in 2001. Along with armadillos and anteaters, sloths are members of the superorder Xenarthra, and today there are six living species from two genera: Bradypus (three-toed sloths) and Choloepus (two-toed sloths). Pygmy three-toed sloths are sadly only found on Escudo de Veraguas, a very […]

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Hydroelectric Developments Threaten the Bullock’s False Toad in Chile

Bullock's False Toad (Telmatobufo bullocki)

The Nahuelbuta Mountain Range is located within the northern limit of the Valdivian forest ecoregion near the coast of south-central Chile. It is considered a biodiversity hotspot and its fauna and flora is characterized by a high degree of endemism: a lot of species are only found there. Unfortunately, the forests of Nahuelbuta have been […]

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20 Years on: Saola is Still as Mysterious as Ever

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the discovery a pair of saola horns in a village in Vu Quang Nature Reserve, Vietnam, by a team of Vietnamese and WWF biologists. The saola is an antelope-like reclusive species that lives in remote regions of the Annamite mountains on the border of Vietnam and Laos, also known […]

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