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Big leap forward in breeding of top EDGE frog

For the first time, New Zealand’s critically endangered Archey’s frog – the world’s most evolutionarily distinct amphibian – has been successfully bred from a long-term captive population at Auckland Zoo. Seven Archey’s frog babies that hatched at the Zoo in early December from fertile eggs laid in October are continuing to thrive.  Over 50 million […]

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Ocean Acidification

Known as the ‘other CO2 problem’, ocean acidification is a global phenomenon that is resulting from increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) being absorbed into the world’s oceans. Presently, ocean acidification is overshadowed by a wealth of other risks faced by coral reefs. Nonetheless, the process has the potential to be catastrophic in the not […]

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World Pangolin Day 2013

Saturday the 16th of February, World Pangolin Day 2013, marks a special date for two of our most charismatic yet most threatened EDGE species. Pangolins, also known as scaly anteaters, are an amazing and distinct group of mammals with eight species found across Africa and Asia. Occupying a highly specialised niche, these incredible insectivores have […]

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Our Unknown World

A sound knowledge of the number of species on earth is vital for predicting extinction rates and subsequently for our understanding of conservation and biodiversity. To date, estimates of these parameters remain wildly inconsistent. Predictions for the number of living species can vary by a factor of 100 and extinction rates by even greater amounts. […]

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