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Mythical EDGE Species: Part 2

Mythical EDGE Species continued…. The Leviathan (Hebrew)   One of the earliest mentions of the Leviathan appears in the Tanakh, where it was described as a monstrous sea creature that breathed fire, had shield-like scales, and was impervious to arrows and swords.  Some other sources referred to it as a sea serpent.  As time went […]

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Expeditions in unexplored territories of the Philippine King of Birds

An update by J Kahlil B. Panopio, EDGE Philippine Eagle Fellow     We still know very little about the expanse of Philippine Eagle territories in Mt. Mingan, let alone in the whole Sierra Madre Mountain Range of Luzon, Philippines. But now, with the help of local communities and stakeholders in Mt. Mingan, we are slowly shedding […]

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Mythical EDGE Species: Part 1

  We’ve all been told the stories of fire-breathing dragons, shimmering unicorns, twisting sea serpents and enchanting mermaids.  And we’ve all sighed as we closed the book or turned off the television, knowing that such beasts could never exist. But what if I were to tell you that some of them do exist, just perhaps not […]

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