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My Mission To Save The Red Ruffed Lemur From Extinction

Madagascar is one of eight `hottest’ biodiversity hotspots countries based on species richness and endemism, (>80%), and on habitat loss (>90%). Yet, it is considered the world’s single highest priority biodiversity hotspot. The Island is shelter of 105 species of lemur that are all endemic of the country, among them 94% are threatened of extinction. […]

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Saving the Northern Giant Mouse Lemur in Madagascar

Being involved in lemur research since 2009, I am really interested in lemur biology and I would like to conduct scientific research that could contribute to conservation and sustainable development. This is why I decided to join GERP, which is an association working hard and intensively to protect lemurs and their habitat. Inspired by Dr […]

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The last of its kind: bringing the boa back from the EDGE

Once upon a time on an island in the Indian Ocean named Mauritius, there were two unique species of snakes belonging to the Bolyeridae family, the Burrowing Boa (Bolyeria multocarinata) and the Keel-scaled Boa (Casarea dussumieri). With human arrival and settlement on this island also came species alien to the island such as the wild […]

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