Preparing for action

Uuganbadrakh recently took part in a community conservation project in preparation for the community aspect of his fellowship project.  He participated through the Zoological Society of London’s Steppe Forward Programme in Mongolia.  The project was entitled “Sustainable Natural Resource Use and Livelihood Improvement in Gobi Desert”.  Through the project, local communities established a native tree planting nursery where they will plant native trees and bushes for three years in order to decrease sand movement and combat desertification.

Participants receiving training 

“I organized a tree planting workshop in Nomgon village.  Around 80 people including school children, herders, government officers, vegetable farmers and retired people were attended to the workshop.  The tree planting workshop was aimed to train people into importance of tree planting, tree planting methods, tools, nursing the seedlings and saplings and protecting trees from disease.

Planting a tree 

Organizing the training workshop gave me opportunity to meet with Nomgon soum governor, environmental inspector, local herders and school children and to talk with them about the long eared jerboa.  

 Uuganbadrakh with governor

I learned locals also have little knowledge about the long eared jerboa.  I hope my research in this summer will find out more about the long eared jerboa’s life, behavior and habitat selection.  I and local people are looking forward to learn more about this unknown species”.

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