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A coral conservation revolution that is shaping the future of the Bahamas

The month of July marked the 40th year of independence for the Bahamas and although I am too young to be one of those Bahamians who remember that 10th day of July in 1973, I was honored to be recognized as one of 40 outstanding Bahamians whom will make a difference for the Bahamas within […]

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Passion for Pillar Coral

Nikita is one of our newest EDGE Fellows. As she explain in this blog, her commitment to the conservation of marine biodiversity in The Bahamas goes back to childhood…  For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the outdoors and being in the water. It was of no great surprise to anyone when my […]

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News: Shark Protection Soars as Understanding Improves.

Scientists say the shark fin trade has contributed to the catastrophic declines of shark populations worldwide. It threatens to disrupt ocean ecosystems and encourages the proliferation of other predators, which in turn diminishes stocks of fish for human consumption. Finning involves cutting off the fins of sharks then throwing them back into the ocean, often while […]

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