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Life on the EDGE: May-June 2015

Welcome to Life on the EDGE, our monthly blog featuring news about our projects, fellows, species, and all other things EDGE.  This is our first update in a little while, so we’ve got a lot to cover! In May, Chris Michaels from ZSL’s herpetology department visited two of our EDGE fellows in Mexico.  Fellows Karla […]

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Returning to the wild!

It’s a very exciting time in Vietnam! After being confiscated from the wildlife trade in 2010, the first of the Sunda pangolins held at the Carnivore and Pangolins Conservation Program (CPCP) has been released into Cat Tien National Park. EDGE Fellow Phuong, tells us more… As you will remember, my EDGE Fellowship project is about developing […]

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A brutal killer of the Chinese giant salamander

Zhou Feng’s EDGE Fellowship project focuses on diagnosing pathogens that threaten the Chinese giant salamander. In her latest blog, she tell us about the deadly Ranavirus. In 2010 and 2011, outbreaks of the disease Ranavirus occurred several times in farmed Chinese giant salamanders in Hanzhong County, Shanxi Province, China. Sadly, a large number of deaths occurred […]

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Unveiling the characteristics of torrent frogs

Since the last week of March, heavy rains have been pouring in Kenya. Catastrophic floods and massive landslides, in which numerous people have lost their lives and property, have been witnessed in various parts of the country. It has, therefore, become practically impossible to navigate the rough terrain of Mt Elgon to search for Du […]

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Protecting Colombia’s Critically Endangered

My whole life I’ve dreamed of venturing into the forests and wild places of my country of Colombia. Now, a childhood dream has become a reality and I spend my days travelling through my beautiful country, experiencing its different ecosystems and habitats, contemplating the magnificence of its natural landscape and biodiversity. I am a Biology […]

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