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Success! Tracking The Elusive Sunda Pangolin

By Withoon “Gai” Sodsai, EDGE Fellow, Thailand I admit that I was in awe and unconfident when I was joining the EDGE fellowship program in 2016 because of my language skills. EDGE would be just the first experience where I had to work in an international environment. Another thing that scared me was studying a […]

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Combating pangolin trade in Nepal

Greetings friends! I’m pleased to be able to update you with the progress of my Chinese pangolin conservation project here in Nepal. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been implementing many activities during a field trip to Nangkholyang village which is a beautiful place in the district of Taplejung (Eastern Nepal), at an altitude […]

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Negros Interior Biodiversity Expedition – Part II

In the previous blog, the NIBE team had set up their camera traps in areas of known mammal activity in the North Negros National Park in the Philippines, analysed over 4,000 hours of data and captured some amazing footage. Expedition leader James Sawyer shares his thoughts…                   […]

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Negros Interior Biodiversity Expedition – Part I

The Negros Interior Biodiversity Expedition (NIBE) 2012 saw a team of biodiversity scientists explore the interior of the North Negros Natural Park on Negros Island in the Philippines. Building on the successful pioneering expedition in 2009, which established the ‘route in’, the team undertook a more detailed biological exploration of an area famed for both […]

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Tropical Leeches Are the New Heroes of Conservation

The parasitic lifestyle that bloodsucking leeches lead hasn’t seemed to earn them any respect from human beings, until now. Research published last week has revealed that leeches can in fact store the DNA of their hosts for several months or even up to a year after feeding, and conservationists have jumped at the chance to […]

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