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Life’s a bleach: climate change threatens the future of corals

The world’s corals are in a precarious state. These animals—which support the largest concentrations of global marine biodiversity and provide ecosystem services to over half a billion people—are in the midst of one of the worst global mass bleaching events in history. Bleaching occurs in response to increased water temperatures which cause coral to expel zooxanthellae, the photosynthetic […]

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It’s World Tapir Day! …Wait, what’s a tapir?

April 27th is World Tapir Day; a day to raise awareness of the plight facing some of the most unique and threatened mammals on the planet. The problem is, very few people seem to know what they are! So, in honour of World Tapir Day, here’s all you need to know about tapirs… The basics Tapirs are […]

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A flying start to saving pygmy three-toed sloths

EDGE Fellow Diorene isn’t afraid to wade up to her chest in search of a sloth! Read her latest blog about her adventures in Panama: My country, Panama, is small but it has a great amount of biodiversity. And I cannot imagine being out of contact with my country’s nature and wildlife. Since I was a […]

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A brutal killer of the Chinese giant salamander

Zhou Feng’s EDGE Fellowship project focuses on diagnosing pathogens that threaten the Chinese giant salamander. In her latest blog, she tell us about the deadly Ranavirus. In 2010 and 2011, outbreaks of the disease Ranavirus occurred several times in farmed Chinese giant salamanders in Hanzhong County, Shanxi Province, China. Sadly, a large number of deaths occurred […]

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Unveiling the characteristics of torrent frogs

Since the last week of March, heavy rains have been pouring in Kenya. Catastrophic floods and massive landslides, in which numerous people have lost their lives and property, have been witnessed in various parts of the country. It has, therefore, become practically impossible to navigate the rough terrain of Mt Elgon to search for Du […]

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