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Salamanders on the EDGE: building conservation networks for amphibians in Mexico (Part 2/2)

Four hours and 250km later, in Puebla State, we arrive at Laguna Alchichica, Alfredo’s field site. Set in a landscape that has turned from forest to semi desert over the last two centuries due to catastrophic and complete deforestation, the first thing that strikes one on first seeing Alchichica is its sudden blueness in a […]

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Salamanders on the EDGE: building conservation networks for amphibians in Mexico (Part 1/2)

  I am standing on a narrow isthmus of land, essentially a dirt track running on top of a levee. On my right is a fragment of the once vast Lerma wetland, one of the last sites for the Lerma Salamander (Ambystoma lermaense), joint number 7 EDGE Amphibian species. Salamanders rise up to the surface […]

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Life on the EDGE: May-June 2015

Welcome to Life on the EDGE, our monthly blog featuring news about our projects, fellows, species, and all other things EDGE.  This is our first update in a little while, so we’ve got a lot to cover! In May, Chris Michaels from ZSL’s herpetology department visited two of our EDGE fellows in Mexico.  Fellows Karla […]

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Breeding Like Bunnies May Not Be Enough

Lagomorphs are a very distinct group of small mammalian herbivores. The order Lagomorpha (pikas, rabbits, hares and jackrabbits) is defined by small peg-like teeth immediately behind the incisors, found in all species but in no other mammals. There are 87 species of living Lagomorphs and they thrive in a wide variety of habitats. Nonetheless, a quarter of […]

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Froggy Went A-Courting

In spring 2014, a very important tadpole hatched from a frog egg at ZSL London Zoo. It was shortly followed by many brothers and sisters, and these 3mm long ‘swimming commas’ were the first live tadpoles of Xenopus longipes, the Lake Oku clawed frog, to be seen by human eyes. These tadpoles, the product of the […]

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