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Kakapo on the EDGE: the fight to save the world’s weirdest parrot

Before human settlement, the forests of New Zealand were full of Kakapos, meaning ‘night parrot’ in the Maori language. These bizarre birds are unlike any other parrot species in the world – they are flightless, solitary and nocturnal. They are also incredibly heavy for a parrot, weighing up to 4kg. They are the longest living […]

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Superhero Sunday: The Top 10 Superpowers of EDGE Species Part 1/2

Who loves superheroes? We all love superheroes! From Spiderman to the Avengers to Batman to the Fantastic Four to Ant-Man, superheroes are flooding popular culture and becoming an increasingly huge part of western culture. But sometimes we forget that powers that seem impossible in humans are common, even run-of-the-mill, in animals. And nowhere is that […]

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