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Our Unknown World

A sound knowledge of the number of species on earth is vital for predicting extinction rates and subsequently for our understanding of conservation and biodiversity. To date, estimates of these parameters remain wildly inconsistent. Predictions for the number of living species can vary by a factor of 100 and extinction rates by even greater amounts. […]

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Changing our perception of extrinsic value

At EDGE we tend not to focus on a species’ extrinsic value as we feel that intrinsic value is not only more important, but also somewhat overlooked. Nonetheless in broader conservation terms, the justification of a conservation programme via highlighting ‘extrinsic values’ is unfortunately often a necessity for acquiring the green light. For those of […]

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EDGE is Looking for Two New Interns!

Are you a UK resident, passionate about EDGE species and looking to get some great experience working in conservation in the heart of London? If the answer is “YES!” then look no further! There are two six-month positions available: we are seeking a Research Intern to assist with the development and implementation of ‘Species Report […]

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We Need More Ambassadors for the “Underdogs”

Chinese Giant Salamander (Andrias davidianus)

Flagship species used to advertise conservation are usually big, beautiful, endearing animals – we love things with huge eyes and fur, things that look like us and our babies. But this might be a very short-sighted way of looking at what needs to be prioritised in conservation, and actually a lot of very important biological […]

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Thanks to You We’ve Raised Over £3,600 for the Pygmy Sloth!

A big thank you to all our supporters who donated and spread the word about our campaign – each of you helped us to raise a grand total of £3,653 which we will use to implement vital conservation actions to rescue the last hundred pygmy sloths from extinction! Hopefully we will be going back to […]

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