Here at EDGE we have created a fun educational resource pack for primary and secondary school teachers to teach children about biodiversity and why it matters.

For primary teachers there are two, free-to-download packs (marine conservation and coral reefs) each with background information, a variety of fun activities for children of different abilities and an exciting presentation to use in the classroom. They are designed in way which allows the teacher to be flexible with the content and timings to adapt it to your curriculum and have fun in the classroom. This is just a starting point for you to go ahead and be creative and inspire the next generation of marine enthusiasts.

For secondary school teachers, our two free-to-download packs follow the national curriculum: Rainforests for Key Stage 3 and EDGE Science for Key Stage 4. These packs enable students to explore data, evidence, theories and explanations, and understand the applications and implications of science. Students can take the real-life raw data and prioritise/debate which EDGE species to conserve by working through a sequence of exercises for themselves.

Using our free downloadable teaching packs you can help students understand the very real and urgent process of trying to save the world's endangered species, bringing the subject of conservation to life.

Download the Primary Resource Pack

Download the Secondary Resource Pack

Combining these packs with our EDGE Champions initiative provides a fantastic way to involve students in multiple activities with a single theme: raising awareness, fundraising and updating their Champion pages here on the EDGE website to report on their progress, alongside learning about EDGE species and real conservation methods.