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Storm for EDGE!

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  • Started 7 years ago by Wes
  1. Wes

    Hello all

    I've been following EDGE since it was first launched (I used to have a forum membership in the early days but have lost the details which is why I'm showing as a new poster!)

    Earlier this year I launched an internet campaign for new music called Storm the Charts, and after some thought, made EDGE our nominated charity, thinking the program's niche and overlooked animals could be a good match for our musicians.

    We've raised £1000 so far at http://justgiving.com/chartstorm and hope to raise more when we hit the climax of our campaign which is a week of buying new music in the hope of getting it into the charts.

    If anyone on here would like to join in, our main Facebook group is at http://bit.ly/chartstorm (and please bring friends); there's also a special subgroup for the fundraising effort at http://bit.ly/storm4edge, and if you're not on Facebook you can still get involved with our crazy chart effort by checking things out at http://stormthecharts.com (look out for the 'click here to vote' button.

    Thank you EDGE for everything you're doing to raise awareness of all these wonderful and important animals and to protect and support them.


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