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Logging Leadbeaters Possum (#54) and Long Footed Potoroo (#70)

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  • Started 7 years ago by Sarah Rees
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  1. Sarah Rees

    Quick Update:
    1. Long Footed Potoroo (Edge #70):
    Tomorrow, here in Oz, the findings of a long awaited court case to prevent the further logging of the Long footed Potoroo will be handed down. The court case was undertaken by a small conservation group - Environment East Gippsland, to prevent the logging of a site caled Brown Mountain, where the Potoroo are living. The case has cost the community group a quarter of a million dollars and the chances are slim. If they lose, logging for woodchips to be sent to Nippon Paper in Japan will go ahead. These forests contain ecosystems 5 centuries old and tree's so large you can park a small car in them.
    The Australian Government is doing very little to protect this shy creatures and because the logging lobby has so much power, small groups like EEG are forced into the costly excercise of injunctions to save these species - and we are supposed to be an 'evolved' country.

    The Leadbeater's Possum (Edge #54)
    Our organisation (MyEnvironment Inc) have produced a report for government showing logging in Leadbeaters habitat and University monitoring sites. The Leadbeaters Possum has slipped from 5000 in the wild in 1990 to a meagre 1000 today. This is due largely to logging however the recent Black Saturday wildfires that devastated 40% of the known range of this tiny marsupial has plunged it's population by half. Today our small organisation faces the daunting task of retrieving this species via intensive lobbying to get logging completely out of it's suspected range. We have been in the ancient montane forests of Victoria with government over the last week showing some of the damage to the Leadbeaters habitat. Some of the tree's that contain hollows, essential for their survival, are 300 years old and are being clearfelled to produce paper and export pulp logs. We need the international community to come on board to help save the last remaining Leadbeaters possum. This animal has been pronounced extinct once before and we may have lost the chance to secure it's survival a second time.
    I am writing this to field idea's for help on both of these EDGE species and warmly welcome any help. www.myenvironment.net.au

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  2. nannaw

    Unfortunately the possum species in general has little public sympathy and here in New Zealand they are actively hunted as a pest. People such as you Sarah are essential to remind us of endangered species. Keep up the good work.

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